Why do Social Democrats do what they do?

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I am a historian of the History of ideas. 

My special fields are the thought of Digger leader Gerarrd Winstanley  during The English Revolution of the 17th century, and the history of both utopian and scientific socialism in Britain during the 19th century. 

I was raised in a working-class Newfoundlander, Scottish family in south-eastern Ontario. My Scottish granny had been a Suffragette militant in Scotland, as well as in Brantford and Toronto Canada after the First World War.  She lived with us in my parent's home, as had my Newfoundland grandmother before her.
My parents and grandparents were readers and wherever we lived our house was filled with books. I grew up in a family where the importance of the study and knowledge of History was a given.

In high school I was involved in the New Democratic Party in my constituency and in Gr. 13 co-authored a Social history of my town 1890-1930 in a youth socialist writers collective. 

My parents sponsored a Vietnam war evader when I was a teen, and this impressed upon me the reality of America's succession of dirty wars in small nations, and the need to struggle for world peace. 

While I was a grad student at McGill, I read Historical Theology, Ethics,  and Early Modern Thought, and was attracted by the historical materialist analysis of the world. 
This was the time of the global Peace Movement and the struggle against South Africa's Apartheid regime. I became involved in these solidarity movements including the Montreal African National Congress (ANC) formation group. I took a year off a couple times during university to earn money and participated in a successful union membership drive in my workplace. 

IN 1987 I applied for membership in the Communist Party in a party-club in my sector of the Plateau of Montreal, but only became an active member in the Party in 2009 after our return from a decade of teaching in the Midwest USA. I have taught over the years at McGill, Queen's, Bluffton University, Ohio Northern University, as well as at the University of Winnipeg.

Andy Taylor
Winnipeg, June 2016

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